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First Сhoice offers professional help with casting and has a reputation for being quick and trustworthy.

We know film and TV production from A to Z.

Our agency is a member of the Russian Guild of Acting Agents.

We handle negotiations of contracts for work in film, TV and advertising, on behalf of our exclusive clients and works actively to promote each actors career in Russia as well as Internationally.

In addition to working with our exclusive actors we are always interested in finding  new talents: our online database  constantly updates.

First Choice is  the best choice!

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Yuliya Denina Larisa Khalafova
Head of Film Department Casting Director
Casting Director


Film Department e-mail: kino@1choice.ru

Moscow, Alekseevskaya/Rizhskaya metro station, Prospekt Mira, 102 кБ. Contact +7 (495) 724 3702, info@1choice.ru

О нас
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